Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank you Mom.

I got out of the elevator at work today, and almost ran smack into somebody. He then moved "out of my way" but was in fact "in the way" again! As I untangled myself, and walked away, I said a silent "Thank you" to my mom. Why? Keep reading!

My mom has some quirky, and rather interesting views on strange things in life. Oftentimes they are the little things. Now that I'm getting older and have children of my own, I'm learning that maybe they weren't so little in the first place. Here's the "little things" that I've learned to do in life thanks to my mom.

* Don't slow down until you are actually in the Left Turn lane, unless you have to! Those people who start slowing down a mile away from their entrance to the lane... drive me crazy!

* The one who've been waiting for... When waiting for an elevator, DO NOT stand right in front of the doors! Stand back in case someone is getting off. It's not like the doors will close on you in 2 seconds! I find myself teaching my children this little tip!

* My husband laughs at me when I do this- or even when I mention it- but it is very helpful to cut your spaghetti before eating it! Less messy!

* My mother used to have a miraculous power of "turning off" rain while we were driving. Now, my own kids are amazed when I can turn it off too... when we're going under a bridge! :)

I'm sure I've gotten lots of other habits and ways of thinking from my mom. I know I was blessed by it, and so will my kids! After all; she's my mom!

COMMENTS: What are some "little things" that you learned from your mom? Share your thoughts!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've been featured!

I love Etsy. I love the people on Etsty. I love the people who love me! Here are a few spots where other Etsians have spotlighted little 'ol me! Check them out! This is an interview that I did with SimplySerra. This is another local Utah Etsian- I featured her clock on one of my past posts

I have also joined an Etsy Street team (a group that does stuff together, supports each other, etc) called Team BDC. They are a team based on a common love of the tv show "FireFly" and the movie "Serenity". They are a great bunch of people. To take a look at their amazing items, go to and search for "TeamBDC". They have some amazing stuff! Some of the items are Firefly related, most are not.

That's all my promoting for today! Have a great one!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! 

  I hope everyone had a terrific Easter!  We had an okay one... Michael was sick so I stayed home from church with him and McKenzie.  Mark sang in Sacrament, so he had to go, and Tanner asked to go! Good for Tanner!  The Easter Bunny visited while they were at church, and the kids had fun discovering their baskets and finding the easter eggs.  They had fun Saturday decorating them too! McKenzie kept trying to eat and then drink the color tablets!  She never liked them, but continued trying anyway!  (hope they're not poisonous!)   I'll download some pictures as soon as I can... if I can learn how! (My last blog pictures didn't work so well!)

Mark is enjoying his teaching position at Apple, and I continue to plug away at my boring job! Etsy sales are picking up, so that keeps me busy too- as if the 3 kids didn't keep me busy enough! 

Please leave comments and let me know how you are!  Thinking of you and wishing you well!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Etsy Favorites

Good Morning! Today I want to celebrate some of my favorite Etsy Sellers. Here are 2 of my favorite items:
"Fit for a companion" is a beautiful necklace made by Siarh. She is part of my Etsy team: BDC. You might recognize the title as a "FireFly" reference!

The beautiful clock is made by Bode22 who is a local Utah Artist on Etsy. For family- my birthday is coming! Wouldn't this clock make a wonderful gift??!?!?! :)

I have lots of other Etsy favs, but these 2 wonderful ladies are friends as well. Please be sure to visit their shops by clicking on the pictures!

Have a Great Day!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Signing on

Hello world! I'm starting a blog! I want it to be a place to chat with friends and family, keep in touch, and show off my cute family! I will also use this space to show off my latest edible creations! (of course!)

I'm in the process of creating a family website. URL coming soon... For now, check out my business site at:

Please share this blog with anyone that I may not have contact info for! Spread the word!

Love ya!