Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chocoholics Anonymous!

This is the newest addition to our Double Dipped Sweets family! Chocoholics Anonymous is a Chocolate of the Month club! YOU pick the approximate arrival date, YOU pick the selections! No wondering what you are getting- unless you want to be surprised!

Here is the info from my Etsy site:

Imagine going to pick up your mail, and lo and behold! A box of Chocolate!

The Chocoholics Anonymous is for those of us who crave Chocolate, and want it RIGHT NOW!!

Each month on a date of *your choice* you will receive yummy Chocolate goodies that *you choose!* You get to pick the rough date of delivery, AND what you are getting!

You also get the following member benefits:
· 10% off any additional orders during your membership time! This is in addition to any sales I might be having! PLEASE mention your membership in notes to seller. Only good for original membership holder.
· Special monthly coupons will be mailed with your order! Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or sale.
· You will be signed up for our email newsletter for more special deals! You may opt out of this at any time!

Go through the shop and pick an item for each month you are signed up. List what you want in notes to seller.

During checkout: Place the following in Notes to Seller:
Pick a date: I want Chocolate on the: 1st, the 15th, or the 30th. (Dates are approximate)
Pick your selections and write them here. If nothing is picked, then I get to choose!

Shipping costs are included!
Thanks for looking! Have a great day!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Introducing my Family!

I don't post for weeks, and then 2 posts in 1 day! I've been wanting to add pictures, but haven't had them available. I decided it was time to post pics of my family, including me (ugh)! Here is my family!

I'm hiding in the background... Kids are Michael at left, McKenzie, and Tanner. Husband Mark!

Here's my youngest, McKenzie, age 2:

McKenzie wearing a beautiful dress from

And here's Michael, who is 3..

Learning to dress ourselves is fun!

And here is my main man Tanner who is 5

He's all boy.. discovered Mud Pies!

Isn't it nice when they get along?

My dad used to crack Easter eggs on our heads. Tanner decided to use his own.. what a nice guy!

Me holding McKenzie, July 2007

Well, that's us! Hope you enjoyed!

What I did last weekend

I have crazy moments in my business, as I'm sure all of you do. Last weekend I dipped 101 Caramel Apples!!! They were for 2 local schools celebrating teacher apprecitation day. What a great gift- "Apples for the Teacher"!

Here are some pictures of my adventure! (Don't worry- the kids didn't touch!)

Son Tanner

Husband Mark

The apples arrived on time, and everyone enjoyed them! I'm doing 34 more apples this weekend! I'm basically buried up to my elbows in caramel and chocolate! But having a ball!
Have a great weekend everybody!