Monday, October 20, 2008

Ooohhh... I'm in heaven...

As you know, I started a Food team on Etsy. Etsy teams are based on either location or interest. Etsy's Edible Arts Team is obviously based on interest!

The best part of the team is the trading we do with each other! Yeah for goodies! I traded recently with TheFetchingHound

She specializes in "Bitty Bites", little bites of cake mixed with frosting and dipped in chocolate. Now, I'm normally not a huge cake fan...but I am now! Just look at what I got!

Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl/ Itty Bitty Bites

These are truly little bites of heaven.
Not only am I not a cake fan...strawberry cake is not high on the list. But cheesecake? Yes! So I jumped and chose these. They are HEAVEN!! NIRVANA!! Absolutely WONDERFUL! So moist, they just melt in your mouth.

The other Bitty Bites I received were the Coconut Dream/Itty Bitty Bites

If you know me, you know I adore Coconut. Now, I WORSHIP coconut! These bites are perfection. Moist, coconutty - they taste like an exalted form of Almond Joy Candy bars.

Last night we ate our last bitty bite...moment of silence please...

You know what the best part of this whole experience was though? Working with the master chef herself! Christina is so nice and has an amazing sense of humor. I am so glad I have gotten to know her!

So, thanks to you, Christina, for making my mouth very, very happy!