Monday, December 29, 2008

Dinner at my house

Crazy. Impromptu. who knows?

Tonight, hubby was home, so I planned homemade lasagna with all the trimmings. Well, that was the plan anyway...

Hubby ended up sick today, and wasn't sure if he could eat anything. And, since the kids won't eat the lasagna (it has red sauce, and anything with red sauce is Spicy. no matter what Mom says) I decided to make meatloaf instead. If I make that in a cupcake pan, the kids will eat it. So...I go to turn the oven on...and the "bake" button will not work! All the buttons are dying: I haven't been able to cook anything under 300 because those number buttons don't work. Now it's the Bake. Good thing the owner of the house was already shopping for a new oven today...but it will be awhile. So, now what?

Fettucine Alfredo! The kids love my homemade sauce. So, I get a chicken breast out and defrost it. I get it cooking and go to make the milk! what?

Breakfast! I LOVE breakfast for dinner. It's something that I grew up with, and love it! Okay, I can do eggs, bacon, and pancakes, right? Right! Maybe... until the bowl of pancake mix I have (it doesn't require milk) starts moving... yep, I said moving! I look closer...weevils! Yeah, that went in the garbage.

So, last resort. I send my sick hubby out to get milk from the store, and bisquick. I make eggs and bacon; the pancakes get done when he got home. Finally! Dinner is made...or is it breakfast?

*sigh* Is it bedtime yet?


Anonymous said...

I am laughing WITH you not AT you because I KNOW I have had days like that before. Those are the days that you just HAVE to laugh so that you don't burst out in tears.

Heather said...

This is your neighbor Heather! I'm sorry that you went through a crazy dinner night. Please feel free to come over and borrow any ingredient from me. That's what neighbors are for! :) I hope Mark feels better. You have such a great attitude.

The Double Dipped Life said...

LOL Heather! I heard that you read this tonight! How funny! I'll be by soon, I'm sure!

Mommy Galloway said...

Ohhh, been there done that! At least dh would go to the store. How bout raining, four kids under 5 and dh is stuck in traffic. The kids will always eat PB&J!!!

Missy said...

We love having breakfast for dinner. My kids call it brinner. Thanks for chatting with me on etsy! Going to go do that follow now. :)

DawnW said...

You had your work cut out for you Krista, Im glad you finally got it together and had your dinner/breakfest lol. I love have breakfast for dinner :)

Happy New Year