Monday, January 5, 2009

Baths are OVERATED!

Watch any romance. The bath is warm and steamy, the bubbles are unbelievably abundant, covering the female star in rich luxuriousness. Not in real life!

Okay, so I admit that I'm not a huge bath fan/taker anyway. But still, what is the draw? I took a bath tonight because my muscles were screaming at me, and I had a new Etsy product to try! (Plug coming) I discovered the following:

1. My bathtub is too small. This causes me to have to tilt my head up on the wall, and then be forced to look belly. NOT the most pleasant thing to look at. And NOT the most relaxing, soothing experience.

2. My bathtub is dirty. Well, at least I know how I'm getting my workout tomorrow!

3. While I did have amazing bubble bath solution, the bubbles were not bigger than my head, and did not cover every inch of me; especially the aforementioned belly. *sigh*

4. As soon as you lift yourself out of the warm, soothing water, you freeze. I even turned the heat up before going in, and closed the door to keep it all in. I froze. There goes the warm fuzzy feeling I had. You spend a relaxing time in the bath (if you can look at other things then yourself) and then have to scramble to get warm again!

5. Back to the movies. HOW does anyone read a book in the bath? I took a book in with me, but didn't even attempt to open it! I didn't' want to ruin my book!

I admit there were *few* good features of the bath.

1. I got a blog article out of it.

2. I smell good.

3. My skin is soft and smooth.

Why is my skin soft, smooth, and smelly? What wonderful bubble solution did I use to achieve those great results? Plug time!

I recently purchased a sample sized "Soft Bubble Bath Dough" from Shop Red Leaf on Etsy. It is amazing. It's a firm solution, like a hard dough (hence the name). You take some out, and rub it in your hands under the faucet. Immediately, wonderful bubbles (real-life sized ones) start emerging, and the scent is amazing! I can still smell it on my skin.

I also received a sample size of her room freshener spray, in the Basil Lime scent. It is wonderful! My house smells so fresh and clean! It fills an entire room with a wonderful aroma, and lasts for a very long time!

The third item I received was the "Women's Extra Moisturizing Face Lotion". I LOVE this moisturizer! It's not greasy, and keeps my skin soft! I got this in the "Beach" scent, but I think I will go unscented for my next round. Wonderful for your face!


Lynn said...

The products sound wonderful! Your post had me cracking up! I can't read in a bath either...LOL!

A Thyme To Bee Comforted said...

Lol, I read in the tub, just keep a towel handy! I am with you though I don't fit in my tub at all, I am WAY to long! A jet tub is in our future, hehehe I will be in the tub a lot when we get that baby!! Hmmm maybe I'll have to get some of that bath dough! I am with you on the cold part, I don't get those movies where they show peeps in the hot tub and then they pan out and show you that they are in the hot tub in the middle of winter with snow piled thanks!

Udora Body Care said...

You it is funny because in my old home, I couldn't take baths either because my bath tub was so small. Now since we moved into our new home, we have a HUGE bathtub and I am in it more often. Now I love taking baths. This products sounds really good. I must go check it out.


L. Goodrich said...

I once had a claw-footed bathtub in an apartment and it was the BEST for baths. I practically floated in it, and could stretch out, and the water came up to my neck. So relaxing!

Anyway, I tagged you! Play along if you want. =o)

Willardsen Family said...

Thanks for the laugh. I must admit that the investment to buy a bigger tub has been well worth it. It makes me feel all sorts of smaller when my whole body can fit under the water. Now I just have to plan my bath time when the 2 year old is asleep so he doesn't think he needs to participate! He always thinks his hands need a bath even if the rest of him doesn't get in.