Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life with Triplets.

Triplets? You have triplets? Well, not technically. But close enough! My kids are 6, 4, and 3! They are all roughly the same height and weight. Triplets.

Taking kids to the store, any store, is never fun. Try taking 3. I really don't have a choice though, as hubby works in the afternoons, and doesn't get home until 9:30pm.

Last week we went grocery shopping. Not for much. Just a few things for my orders. We went to the self-checkout, where I start warning the kids to NOT touch the scale! Every time they touch the bagging area/scale, the machine thinks I skipped a step. *sigh* So... there we are, Tanner on the other side of the cart, Michael IN the cart...and McKenzie...where is Mckenzie??? I look around to find that she is not to be seen. My heart falters a little. I peek around the corner to where the balloons and flowers are... no daughter there. The shop attendant hears me calling her, and gets on the phone and pages: "McKenzie, please come to the front doors". I look at her and mouth - "She's 3." A minute later, we have at least 5 employees searching for her. The paging attendant stands guard over my sons, as I run around the store. Nearly a month later...or so it felt... probably only 5 minutes... as I'm waiting for Tanner to check the boy's bathroom, I hear another page. "McKenzie has been found." Oh, sweet relief! I grab Tanner from the bathroom and hurry back to the cart.
Where was she?? In the flowers and balloons. Hadn't I checked there 5 times? Yep. I hugged her, and then scolded her for running away. Such mixed emotions! I then plopped her into the shopping cart, and let her whine about getting out until the checkout was complete.
THANK YOU!! to the wonderful Smith's employees who helped me find my daughter! What a terrible, frightening 5 minutes!

So...yesterday we were back in Smith's. This time was a good trip. The kids were amazingly good, which resulted in a soft-hearted mom who bought way too many treats for them. (Do they realize how this works? Naw....)
Anywho...Tanner and I had a great time in produce. We were picking out items for salsa, and he was touching all the greens, and I had him smell the wonderful scents. (Especially cilantro! yum!)
At home, we proceeded to make the salsa. He stirred while I chopped! It was a lot of fun, and a good bonding activity. We determined that Tanner liked the smell of cilantro, but NOT the taste!
Oh, well. Maybe when he's older.

So... in recap... good times and bad times in the grocery store. I still hold my breath until we are safely back in the car...hopefully with minimal tears!

What are your fun shopping with kids experiences?


Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

What a great post. Your kids sound so sweet! How scary that you lost your daughter for a few minutes though! Whew!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

MariaSoleil said...

I agree that shopping with kids is not fun. Ever. Our store has free cookies which gets us to about aisle 5. I think they need to hand us moms a drink when we finally arrive at the checkout!

Robin said...

Boy!...does that take me back. I have 2 daughter but they are well into their twenties. So going to the grocer's is not so hectic for me. :-) But I can recall a time when it was.

I hope your weekend is a beautiful one.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I'm scared of shopping with my kids. Seriously. They stress me out.