Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I am so blessed to have a wonderful man beside me raising our children. He is absolutely amazing to me, and with our kids. Thank you Honey for all that you do!

Mark is always the one promoting fun and happiness as a family. Maybe cause he's a kid at heart himself!

He is a wonderful dad who takes the time to play with his kids. He can't sit down without having them climb all over him. They know that he loves them.

And even after a long day at work, he often comes home and helps with bedtime, or dinner, or whatever I need. Thank you honey.

Tanner: "My favorite thing that I do with daddy is when I play with him."

Michael: "Nothing!" (We'll get him when he's in a better mood.)

McKenzie: "I love sitting on his leg."

As well as being an amazing Father, Mark is an amazing Husband. We are celebrating our 9th yr of marriage next week, and I have loved every day. We've had some rough times, and he's always been the one with strength and the testimony to get us through.

Love you Honey!