Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Random Tuesday!
And believe me, with a wonderful headache friend with me today, anything I write would end up sounding random!

*I love breakfast for dinner. In fact, that's what I'm feeding my parents when they visit this week.
*Someone is always watching you. (That doesn't sound mental, does it?)
*My 4yr old is planning on marrying my 25yr old sister. He said so on Sunday.
*Shopping with a 3yr old little girl is a lot of fun!
*National Food Month ends on Thursday! So my 20% off sale does as well!
*My birthday is on Friday. I'm not getting older, I'm getting wiser.
*I'm getting BITTY BITES from TheFetchingHound for my birthday cake.
*I am in love with anything and everything that smells or tastes like coconut.


Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

lol at your little one wanting to marry your sister you just have to love the things kids say :P

Ronnica said...

Of COURSE you're getting wiser, not older. Happy early birthday!