Friday, March 13, 2009

I've been immortalized in soap!

HeathensHearth...gotta love these girls! They were the winner of my Valentine's day gift basket, and have become good online friends through etsy.

They created a line of Etsy-inspired soaps, and honored me by giving me a soap all my own!

Here it is! The DoubleDippedSweets all natural Goat's Milk soap!
Here is the caption from THEIR BLOG

"The DoubleDippedSweets: Renowned for her heavenly caramel and chocolate coated pretzels, 2lb double dipped apples, and other mouthwatering goodies, what better scent could there be than the ice cream that makes everyone happy: Neapolitan! Three Layers of soapy goodness in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla."

Check out their blog to see all of their etsy friend soaps!


WickedSoaps said...

HAHA! Thanks for the mention and I am so glad you like it!