Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Don't Forget to Clean Your Computer Screen~

I know you don't clean your screen very often and it is hard to do the inside, so here( is my present to you.

Have fun!

Here are some serious cleaning tips!
*Baking Soda: Clean tubs,toilet,and tiles with baking soda and a brush dampened with water.

*Vinegar: Dip an old toothbrush in vinegar and use it to clean off mildewed grout between tiles.

*Lemon juice: Put the juice on a sponge and wipe shower doors to remove soap scum.

*Chlorine bleach: Get rid of mildew and mold on shower tiles with a solution of one part bleach to five parts water. Scrub with a stiff brush.

*Dryer sheet: After you've finished cleaning the faucets, rub a sheet of fabric softener on them to polish and shine.


makeetis said...

My son had so much fun looking at the doggy and then going behind my computer to see where it was. He kept saying get the doggy out of there. It can't eat in there. He's only 3 so I had a hard time explaining it to him. We enjoyed it though. I am going to use your baking soda tip. Thanks for sharing.